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12 Things For Summer

Current obsessions for my favorite season. Easy sundresses and beach reads. Fresh flowers and tableware for lazy backyard dinners. New shoes I can't stop wearing. The list goes on and on, 'til September.


XX, Jessie

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1. Our Alison Dress

Our ricrac dress is very special. Universally everyone in the office seems to be loving this style. All are having a hard time choosing which color to get. I love them both.

Shop Alison in White & Brown/Yellow

2. Fairfield Porter

My brother adores Fairfield Porter and he is coming to visit me soon. We will play lots of tennis and his main request is to visit the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill which houses a significant portion of Porter’s paintings.

3. "Little Failure" By Gary Shteyngart

Something happened during the pandemic and I stopped reading as much. I used to read like crazy and often posted little reviews of all the books I had read. Now I spend my nights scrolling Reddit (!) but I’m easing back into memoir with “Little Failure” by Gary Shteyngart. Brilliant, funny, incredible writing. I want my twins to read it as they spend the summer writing their college application essays — this is truly original, engaging prose.

4. Our Florida Woman Tee

I love our collaboration with Nikki Chasin — her Florida Woman tee in our signature green gingham. It’s so special and just a little bit saucy! Did I mention it gives a totally snip free boob lift? It’s so fun. I love it.

Shop LR X Nikki Chasin

5. Office Updates

I’m thrilled with the curtain I sewed and had installed in my office at work. It’s a swath of beautiful Alice Sergeant fabric and makes me very happy. (I use it to hide my mini fridge of Diet Cokes). I hung it with rods and hardware from a lovely company in the UK called East London Cloth. The quality of the hardware is hefty and well made. Highly recommend!

6. Our Clover Espadrille

I’m living in my red Clover espadrilles. I have worn them each day since I got them. I love the square toe, the very fashionable Mary Jane strap, and the summery feel. And the color! I am obsessed with red.

Shop Clover in Red

7. Garden Planning

This summer for the first time I’m planning a garden. It’s going to be a ‘cut and come again’ flower garden, meaning I can cut fresh flowers every week and they will regrow again in season. I’m so excited as I love flowers and cannot wait to experiment.

8. Merit Beauty

I’m loving Merit Beauty at the moment. It’s so simple and elevated. I like the creamy finish of the rouges and highlighters. Perfect for a sun kissed face for summer.

9. Cold Cases

I’m also listening to a true crime podcast I heard about on — you guessed it — Reddit. It’s called “Death in Ice Valley” about an unsolved murder of a woman found in Norway in 1970. I also highly recommend the podcast "Bear Brook."

10. "Moonlighting," Again

Bri and I have run out of things to watch so we started watching "Moonlighting" — the Bruce Willis/Cybill Shepherd private investigator series from the 80s. We kind of see a resemblance to our own relationship in the snappy banter, low-level seething and secret admiration between this duo. It’s worth watching for the fashion alone!

11. Sabre Tableware

I’m coveting Sabre cutlery for my summer table. If I had the budget, I’d get the Ivory in the “vintage” finish. It’s the chicest thing ever to me!

12. AGOLDE Jeans

I recently turned my friends on to the perfect baggy, slouchy pair of jeans. They are from AGOLDE. You have to size down at least 2 sizes but they will be your summer favorites.