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Jessie Loves

Jessie Loves:
15 Things For Spring

Here are some of the things I’m currently loving as we transition into Spring!

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Our Keeley Sneaker

When I was little, I used to like to make friendship pins out of seed beads and a safety pin. I gave some to my dad and he used to wear them on his docksiders! Our new sneaker is so exciting because it’s made from recycled tires. Our factory will recycle 500 tons of rubber this year.

Suzie Kondi Sweatsuits

I’m obsessed with these vintage looking velour sweatsuits. Hands-down the most comfortable plane outfit! It’s my dream to have Clementine wear a matching set.

Our Leopard Maisie Sandal

This is the shoe I am most excited about for spring. So comfortable and instantly makes an outfit.

Paintings by Colleen Herman

I met Colleen when I was in Oaxaca and was so excited when my husband gifted me one of her beautiful paintings for Christmas. It looks so pretty in our living room.

Our Floral Roxana Tote

Our new spring print just makes me smile whenever I see it. I love carrying this bag.

Nars Lipstick in "Ravishing Red"

I’m in a new phase where I want to wear bright lipstick again, after many years of just wearing lip balm. Nars discontinued my favorite shade “Heat Wave” but I think this is same one, only with a different name, “Ravishing Red.” It’s that perfect color that looks great on everyone. It reminds me of the lipstick my grandmother Harriet
used to wear.

Anna Mason London
Bardot Maxi Dress

When I saw this dress, it took my breath away.
I love rainbows and I love this dress!

Our Leopard Helena Belt

I’ve been wearing our fabric belts nearly every day. So lovely with jeans, over a skirt or even
over a jacket.

Netflix's Cheer

We at LR HQ are officially obsessed with Cheer!!! (As is the rest of the country). La’Darius and Jerry made us little videos (courtesy of when we celebrated our new website launch and it made us so happy.

Cream Gingham Pillows from Heather Taylor Home

Heather Taylor home textiles are gorgeous. I have one of her tablecloths and I’d love these
beautiful pillows.

Floral Still Life Paintings

I have always adored flowers. Recently I visited the amazing museum in my hometown (The Worcester Art Museum) and was blown away by their collection. The beautiful floral paintings were some of my favorites, like “Flowers In A Vase” by Jacob Van Walscapelle, pictured here.


I’m on my second year of archiving all the books I read (along with mini reviews) on my personal Instagram in my archived stories. I devour books. I especially love non-fiction but I’ve been exploring fiction more.

Cigar Rings by
Melissa Joy Manning

My friend Melissa is so talented and one of my favorite people ever! She recently started making these beautiful rings, based on a cigar ring
of her mother’s.


I’m keen on re-using and recycling whenever I can. I had the idea to make a quilt of my kids’ old bathing suits so I can remember all the fun times we’ve had over the years out at the beach. Although it’s painful to chop up the old suits, I figure it’s better to see them on the quilt then to have them buried in a storage bin somewhere. I’m making a rainbow pattern, based on a quilt from Purl Soho. Here’s a picture of it in progress (it will take a long time to finish it).

Ceramics by Kaneko Kohyo

Roman and Williams Guild is one of the most stunning stores in all of Soho. I recently purchased a set of these pretty plates by Japanese ceramicist Kaneko Kohyo. They made me so happy every time I use them.

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