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spring '24

6 Spring Trends We Love

Springtime is perfect for falling in love with something new — and our design team is doing so over and over again. Discover the six essential details from the season's pieces that we can't get enough of.

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1. Good Nature

Raw raffia is among spring’s marquis materials, serving to update best-selling silhouettes, like Noa, Rachel, and Rayne, for warmer days ahead. Some hand-woven, some cut-and-sewn, every piece that features this natural fiber feels so special.

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2. Strong Accents

We designed this collection to be at once wearable and completely special. The result is an assortment of staple shoes, flowing dresses, and essential carry-alls finished with stunning embellishments — studs, rhinestones, rosettes and more. Form and function go hand in hand.

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3. Change In Stripes

Our design team took the markers of classic men’s shirting and reimagined them for distinctly feminine silhouettes. We love tempering the sweetness of wide-collared blouses and sweet Mary Jane flats with rigid pin stripes.

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4. Steer Clear

Our styling obsession, sheer mesh and open-weave crochet are our favorite means for adding interest to outfits. From new styles Landon and Brooke to our signature best-selling Leonie, we wove featured the detail across both casual staples and event assortments, delighting in the opportunity to layer, colorblock, and mix-and-match with see-through pieces.

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5. Ruffle Up

High-impact trims and ruffled edges bring so much whimsy to spring’s assortment. Party pieces gain an added dose of femininity with frilled sleeves and layered organza, while casual sandals, like Blaise, are made sweeter with eyelet-lined straps.

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6. Garden Grown

In developing the collection's palette and prints, we took inspiration from the season's blooms. The resulting pieces are colored in pastel flower petal shades, patterned in intricate ditsy prints. Ditsy floral motifs are among our most-loved, made special for their rich history — the earliest examples date back to the 14th century. We wove the pattern throughout the season’s fabrics, lending an air of instant nostalgia to our favorite pieces.

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