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Behind the Designer: Zoë Feldman

In creating the heart of her home, Jessie found her dream partner in Zoë Feldman. Raised by collectors and gallerists and educated at Parsons, Zoê has cultivated a singular approach to design, infusing every room with playfulness and classicism in equal measure. Read on to learn more about Zoë's process, inspiration, and personal style.

On Upbringing

The uniqueness of my childhood — the art, artists, and mid-century modern furniture I was exposed to — has heavily influenced my work and perspective. It’s given me the ability to help clients deepen their appreciation for art and help them grow (or start!) collections. We prioritize that in our work. Without art, the project doesn’t feel complete.

On Collaboration

From the beginning of any project, we understand that we are here to be the interpreters of our client’s vision. While we step into a project with our own point of view about the space, our job is to inform and expose our clients to enough art and design that they can refine and identify their style, which we then edit and elevate. We need strong visual and verbal communication to do that.

We ultimately want to imbue a space that the client feels really invested in and connected to with our polish and ease. Jessie and I spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and I was familiar with her style through her fashion, so that gave us a good jumping off point. Knowing her outside of design also helped me understand her needs, and where she was comfortable taking the lead. The process is slightly different when working with other creatives because they have such a strong vision. We mainly helped execute and provided input on how the space would best be used.

On Bringing Jessie's Kitchen To Life

Before we even get into aesthetics, we want to make any space function better. We completely transformed the layout, which doubled the size of the kitchen. I also really loved the use of her wallpaper. It showcased her collaboration beautifully. Plus, a lot of people don’t think to use wallpaper in a kitchen, and it added a nice, layered look.

On Reimagination

Upholstery is usually what feels the most dated on a vintage piece, so changing that is an easy way to modernize. Painting a table or cased good is an affordable, high-impact option, or refinishing to freshen up a piece.

On Inspiration

We don’t pull from one source specifically, and we tend not to pull inspiration from the same exact source twice. However, we are constantly inspired by cinema, art, and fashion — LR”s spring collection is no exception. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

1. Layla Cream Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse: This is a top you can throw on all spring and summer. Everyone needs a super-femme, frilly white top. I also like that the cinched waist and peplum make it wearable with a lot of different bottoms.

2. Mateo Watermelon Button-Front Skirt: When I get dressed, I like one item to be the star. This skirt could be that item. It’s vibrant but can be toned down with a simple white or black top, or it can easily be dressed up with the matching top and heels.

3. Anya Gold/Hay Skinny Headbands Set: I like the subtleness of these headbands, almost like delicate jewelry. They can dress up a look (or mask a bad hair day).

4. Wilder Cacao Studded Suede Boot: A cowboy boot is fun in any season. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts—almost anything–and the studs add a little unexpected edge.

5. Grace Emerald Mini Woven Crossbody: Green is such a signature color for Jessie and for spring. This is a great bag to travel with rather than shlepping around something huge. I’m going to Ireland for a wedding soon and plan to use this to stash away my important documents.