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Diamonds are forever

Phoebe & Lucas

A wedding between two jewelry designers in the Golden Gate city was destined to be dazzling, but Phoebe and Lucas’s San Francisco ceremony went above and beyond. Read on for the bride’s story of the day, complete with one-of-a-kind gowns, Rococo interiors, and our stunning Selina platform.


Photography by Cassiopeia Alexander and Peter Kolosok

"Finding my wedding look was most definitely my favorite part! I actually bought my vintage rehearsal dress before we got engaged (I knew it was coming!) after finding it by chance at my favorite consignment shop in Brooklyn. I even happened to be shopping with my mom and my sister — they of course approved and it was perfect! I also wore a favorite Loeffler Randall purse that night, a round, pale pink, ostrich feather handbag from years ago. It was a super fun addition to the all white look and complemented my many pieces of jewelry perfectly.

"For the main event, I visited a few different designers but always had a feeling I would go with Vera Wang. I worked for the brand in college so it was very full circle! I always had the vision of a strapless ball gown and gloves, but never envisioned something so romantic. It was wildly different from what I imagined but when I tried it on, I just knew. I felt like a glass of champagne. I decided on lambskin leather gloves for a bit of edge and contrast."

"Lucas and I are both jewelry designers so that was a huge part of the process as well. An hour before the rehearsal, both my mom and mother-in-law (unplanned) gifted me pieces of jewelry: a jade bracelet from my mother that I’ve always coveted (my middle name is Jade and she’s had it my whole life) and a pair of emerald and diamond earrings from Lucas’s mom (who also happens to be the founder of the company Lucas and I work for). The pieces fit perfectly with my look.

"For the wedding night — while my gown’s embellishments changed up the jewelry ideas quite a bit — I always wanted shoulder-duster aquamarine earrings (something blue and my favorite gemstone). Lucas and I handpicked the stones together and decided to pair them with freshwater pearls (little did he know at the time, it matched the tiny pearls on my dress). He handmade the earrings with 22k and 18k yellow gold a few months before our wedding. I couldn’t wait to wear them!"

"Honestly, I love everything about the Selina heel! I’m a seasoned wearer of high heels and yet, it is hard to find a pair this tall that is still comfortable. I’m 5’3” and Lucas is 6’2” so I definitely needed the height. I wanted simple, elegant, high quality platforms, and the ankle strap was a godsend for extra security and comfort. I also love that the Selina has an angular toe (not super round) and a soft satin finish (not leather). All these details make them feel so elevated and unique while still being classic and wearable for occasions to come. My gown was very long but I loved how the chiffon layers showed the beautiful satin toes when I walked.

"I planned to wear them just on the wedding day but when I was deciding what to wear with my rehearsal dress, I found myself looking for the same thing! Their tall, elegant but chunky shape was incredibly flattering with the straight and narrow silhouette I wore that night. On top of that, how perfect was it to wear them to literally rehearse for the real deal?! 

"Bonus wedding look: we were 'newlyweds from the dead' for Halloween a month after the wedding and I wore them then, too!!"

"My husband Lucas and I are both from San Francisco proper and, while we’ve been living in New York for the past 10 years, our families are still there and it was important to us that we got married there. The Fairmont in San Francisco is an iconic SF institution – it was the first establishment to open following the 1906 earthquake and first of many Fairmonts that followed. Not only is it rich in history, every single room in the hotel is absolutely gorgeous."

"We had loved ones travel from so many different parts of the world and it was a pinch-me moment seeing everyone dolled up together."

"First and foremost, the people at my wedding made it what it was. To look around a room that beautiful and see family and friends from all different parts of our lives meeting for the first time and bonding over this special day was just incredible! We had loved ones travel from so many different parts of the world and it was a pinch-me moment seeing everyone dolled up together. And the Fairmont was truly the most stunning backdrop for this.

"The ceremony room, with a huge crystal chandelier at the center, had floor to ceiling windows on all sides showcasing views of downtown San Francisco. The reception ballroom, gilded with ornate Rococo style bas-reliefs and velvet curtains, was sprinkled with modernity — our guests in black tie, silver balloons lining the floors, tons of colorful dahlias and wildflowers all around. We loved the idea of this juxtaposition — mixing the old world style of the space with ultra contemporary details. With the existing decor, we didn’t have to transform any of the rooms, but the small details we brought in added such a freshness to the spaces which made it feel very unique to us."

"One exceptionally special and mega moment was all the jewelry! Lucas and I, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, our moms, Lucas’ grandmother and more were all decked out in our company’s (Petra Class Studio) jewelry. It was so special to see something we work so hard on together come to life on this day. Especially when our own jewelry we worked on together — Lucas made my engagement ring and we made each other’s wedding bands. He also made his own black diamond tuxedo buttons and his mother gifted him a hand made pair of 18k gold cufflinks.

"My bridesmaids wore black (full looks of their own choosing) and instead of floral bouquets, they all wore unique colorful flowers in their hair. It complimented the jewelry perfectly – and all with different hair and makeup, I loved how they all really looked like themselves."