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Jessie Loves Valentine's Day

Jessie's playing Cupid! Enjoy her curated list of pieces made perfect for falling in love.

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1. Stuck On You

I love to put these vintage stickers from Choosing Keeping on notes and packages. Such a beautiful touch that reminds me of old fashioned valentines.

2. Forever in Bloom

The ultimate gift would be a huge rose plant from The Green Vase, like the one we have in our Charleston store. So beautiful

3. We Mesh

I am SO excited our Landon in pink mesh has come in early. I’ve been drooling over these beauties and cannot wait to wear them.

4. Other Half

I’d love to get our new flower clips  and give half the set to a friend so we can be matchy matchy.

5. On Tap

I would love my valentine to get me a set of the new bathroom taps that Devol just came out with. I’m obsessed!

6. Burning Love

We smelled this magical candle when we visited the Beata Heuman townhouse in London and fell in love.

7. Perfect Pair

How cute are these Le Bon Shoppe socks with little embroidered hearts?

8. Sweet Dreams

One of the latest shapes from Tara Roma Gill, These red stripes and frills are a perfect valentines gift

9. Best In Bow

What a cute bag to wear out to dinner on the 14th. A total outfit maker

10. Sweet Tooth

I’m getting these cute chocolates for my family (shh!) with the sweetest little kittens cuddling on the package: