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Holiday '23

Jessie's Little Gifts Guide

A list of little things Jessie loves. Presents made perfect for stocking stuffing or group gifting, all small ways to spread joy.

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1. Out To Eat

My husband will love a gift certificate to Cafe Spaghetti, a cozy and delicious restaurant in Cobble Hill West. They have green gingham curtains so it’s very much up my alley!

2. Heating Up

The best hot sauce from a Charleston-based brand, founded by my friend Molly Fienning.

3. Charmed, I'm Sure

A little good luck charm from LR. You can even add an initial to make it extra special.

4. Have A Heart

Ruffles! Tara Roma Gill makes the cutest ornaments ever. A special gift.

5. Good Game

A good book to psych yourself up for tennis and life in general.

6. Collage Material

I love Charleston artist Louisa Dunn’s artwork. Wearing this tee is the next best thing.

7. On The Ball

A good stock of pickleball balls. Useful and appreciated

8. Change Your Tack

When I was growing up we got little things like art supplies in our stockings and they were always my favorite gifts. How chic are these Italian thumbtacks?

9. Dressing The Georgians

This book from the exhibit in London that inspired me so much this summer.

10. Knit Picking

I love a chunky hat and our brown and cream stripe Ava is perfection.

11. Made Up

The Ambient palette from Hourglass. I love the colors and easy nature of having a full palette of pretty tones.