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National Garden month

A Day With Daisy

Spend a day with the Daisy Cameron-Eveleigh, the gardener at Ham Court — the dreamy Cotswolds estate at which we photographed our spring collection. Follow along as Daisy shares her favorite corners of the ancient gatehouse, from castle walls to the last of the Daffodils.

I work at beautiful Ham Court in Oxfordshire, where LR photographed the spring collection. Naturally, the season's pieces feel so at home here — Jo and Blaise are two of my absolute favorites.

This is the heart of the house — the only remaining parts of the Gatehouse build for Bampton Castle in 1320. Just now, the Pelargoniums are making their annual migration back from the warm greenhouse, bringing joy to every room. One of my favorite signs that spring is here.

I visit the greenhouse to check all of the young seedlings that will become this summer’s flowers. I can’t wait!

A huge terracotta pot of Erigeron and Lemon Verbena. I like to pick the leaves of Lemon Verbana to make herbal tea. Then it’s into the potting shed, the epicentre of the gardens. This wall will be covered in Plumbago and Morning Glory by late summer.

This border in the Kitchen Garden is the first of the year to fill up, an abundance of herbs and early spring bulbs. Broad Beans are such an easy and bountiful crop. We plant lots, both outdoors and in our Polytunnel to feed our guests throughout the summer.

The last of the Daffodils at the back of the house. The wall behind me is the original castle wall, with arrow slits for defence.

My favorite combination of Cow Parsely, Lilac, and old trees. I’m bringing back a basket full for the front hall.

Lilac is the prettiest of the spring flowering shrubs and has the most delicious scent.

Back in the house, the ancient architecture is a soothing balm for the senses.

Back in the house, the ancient architecture is a soothing balm for the senses.

My collection of old books. Always beautifully illustrated and a handy source of timeless gardening tips.

And finally a cup of tea in the evening sun at the end of a dreamy day. Thanks for visiting!