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National Garden month

Market Mornings With Molly Ford

The mind behind Flowers by Ford, Molly is our first call for all things bouquets. Her arrangements are breathtaking, bright, and romantic, and each starts with a 6AM visit to the city's flower district. Follow along as Molly shares her market morning musings, self-styled in her favorites from our spring collection.


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What's In Season:

"Spring is such an exciting time in this industry! Everything feels fresh. Some of May’s seasonal blooms that I love include peonies, lilacs, and alliums."

Must-Have Market Secrets:

"I love arriving early! It’s fun to get there before it’s too busy. It’s also so important and special to build relationships with those in the market. We are all in this together, they are a key part of your success."

Your Personality Flower:

"I am a pretty happy and chill person. I feel like a garden rose or tulip fits my personality!"

Favorite "Wow" Flower:

It changes with the season. I currently love foxgloves, sweet peas, peonies, and lilies.

Best Bloom Of All Time:

"I will never lose my amazement at an orchid!"