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Holiday '22

Gail's Guide to Perfectly-Wrapped Presents

As we work through our wish-lists, finding presents for all of our loved ones, we want to be sure the wrapping's as special as the gifts inside. So, we reached out to an expert — Jessie's mom! With a stint as a professional gift-wrapper under her belt, Gail Randall shared her tips and tricks for wrapping the perfect package. Read on!

Image via Studio Carta

1. Good Scissors

"A really good pair of scissors — i've got some Italian ones from Studio Carta — work so beautifully when wrapping. They'll keep the ends of your ribbon from fraying, and allow you to cut nice, straight seams in your paper."

2. Corners Are The Key

"Well-folded, strong corners are the key to everything. Everything's a mess if you don't have the corners, so I always make sure to leave good creases in my paper when wrapping."

3. Perfect Paper

"I love the LR gift wrap! I have wrapped so many things for friends and family in it, and they'll say, 'this wrap is so beautiful!' It makes me very happy that we have this family tradition going of nice wrapping."

Image via Studio Carta

4. Studio Carta Ribbons

"I learned about Studio Carta from Jessie, and they have the most gorgeous ribbons in beautiful colors. I like taking my wrap for the year with me when I shop and pulling colors from it's palette to help me find the ribbons I'd like to use for the season!"

5. An Organized Wrap Drawer

"I keep a clean, organized drawer with all of my paper, ribbons, scissors, and tape for easy access."

6. Save Your Scraps

"I love all of my paper, so I take care to save the extra cuttings and scraps of each roll for later use. When I inevitabley find myself wrapping small boxes, I'm so grateful I've kept them!"

7. Stand-Out Bows

"When I worked as a gift wrapper at a local children's store, The Stork Shop, I learned to use a bow-making machine to create beautiful flowerettes. I still love finishing off a gift with them, but now I just use scissors! Here's a tutorial to learn how."