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Check, Please

Jessie's curated list of all things gingham, her current pattern obsession.

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Hotel Peter and Paul

Jessie's New Orleans mainstay, Hotel Peter and Paul is decked in checks from floor to ceiling, featuring the print in shades of pale blue, yellow, and forest green.

Lydie Top

The easy blouse Jessie's been living in — we can't get enough of Lydie's perfect puff sleeves and embroidered details.

Gingham Ribbon

Jessie's go-to for making gifts feel extra special.

Double Checking

Green gingham is a staple in our summer collection. Jessie's been mixing and matching the marquee print, styling our Marybeth and Emlyn on repeat.

Dog Days

The sweetest gingham dog bed for perfect Peanut.

Rainbow Linens

The centerpiece of a sweet tablescape — Jessie's rainbow of gingham linens from Maison de Vacances.

Bed Threads

From the genius mind of our friends Tess Newall, this perfect cozy bedroom we'd love to have grown up in.

Reduce, Reuse

Summer party hero — Jessie's go-to tearaway napkins that can be laundered up to six times.

Born and Raised

Jessie comes by her check obsession honestly, pictured here with her brother in her childhood bedroom, papered with baby-blue gingham.