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10 Things For Spring

I’m so excited looking forward to warmer weather. I love dressing for sunnier days, starting new projects, and finding inspiration all around. Here are just a few of my current obsessions for spring.


XX, Jessie

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1. Wear: Emmie & Mimi

I love finding ways to layer my favorite new pieces. The combination of our woven ribbon Poppy top and Mimi dress feels so special — perfect for parties.

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2. Decorate: Fresh Flowers

I never let a good bouquet go to waste! Flowers from an evening event celebrating my friend Zoë Feldman, repurposed as my kitchen table centerpiece. So excited for a spring full of fresh blooms.


3. Support: Anja Tyson at Mother Tongue

Our friend Anja Tyson is guest editor of Mother Tongue magazine’s “Food Is A Mother.” I just pre-ordered the issue and am excited to read it. The issue benefits New Yorkers with children under 5 living in poverty.

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4. Wear: Jo in Cream

This is my favorite spring dress. It’s so easy to wear and completely special. We designed its custom-made filet lace details in house, inspired by vintage Italian curtains.

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5. See: "Scenes from John Derian" by Scott Csoke

So excited to check out this exhibit by Scott. Could there be anything more lovely than paintings of the stunning items in John Derian’s shop?

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6. Wear: Marlowe in Black

New favorite! A flatform Mary Jane in black moiré. I put them on as soon as they arrived. I love them with our pretty Daisy blouse and my trusty Rudy Jude denim.

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7. Gift: Juniper in Pink & Red

I’ve been giving our sweet Juniper clips as presents to friends since they launched, and everyone’s loved them. They’re sold out online, but available at both of our shops!

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8. Read: "Décors Barbares” by Nathalie Farman-Farma

A beautiful book filled with gathered fabric walls, gorgeous prints and a bit of a history lesson.

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9. Wear: Blaise in White

Blaise has always been a best-seller, and I love the ruffled broderie detail we added to the silhouette this season. They are so unique and special, and I can wear them with everything in my wardrobe.

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10. Wear: Geranium by Essie

I found the perfect nail polish color and I love that the name is inspired by one of my favorite flowers.

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