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Fresh Flowers

Our team is endlessly inspired by classic, romantic florals, finding new ways to weave the motif into every collection. This summer, our print designer, Aubrey, created a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted print to decorate our favorite silhouettes. Here, she describes her process in crafting the season’s Nova Floral.

On Inspiration

“The original inspiration for this print came from vintage floral plates. Jessie found a few that she loved, and was drawn specifically to the painterly hand of the pattern. It gave us a new way to work with our traditional English floral prints — a treatment and style that really differentiated it from the designs we’d done in the past.”

On Palette

“Our VP of Design, Zoë, works with Jessie to create a complete palette for each season, which I pull from in creating every new print. For our Nova Floral, we wanted to start simply, limiting the palette to three colors. This prevented the print from feeling too busy once applied to our silhouettes, and the yellows and greens I chose to feature tied back easily to the collection’s original moodboard.”

On Process

“When I paint prints, I do each layer separately — I’ll paint a few different flowers, a few different leaves, and then some filler foliage. In designing the print, completely from scratch, I could play with each of these layers, trying different densities, different sizes, until we landed on a final print we loved. It’s so fun to find the perfect balance.”

On Translation

“In applying the print across different styles, we change the scale of the pattern to best fit each silhouette. In our pleated pieces, for example, I make the print more dense, to eliminate negative space. We want the pattern to look really full and rich on the fabric.”

On Styling

“It’s nice to have this new, painterly floral print that stretches across categories and fabrications. It works easily in our casual pieces, but also dresses up nicely in our pleated pairs.”