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holiday '22

Jessie's Gift Guide

From handmade knits and candlesticks to fine jewelry and guided gallery tours, Jessie's dream assortment of holiday gifts has something for everyone on your list — some big, some small, all special. Read on to discover what Jessie's giving (and hoping to receive!) this season.

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1. Required Reading

I love sharing favorite books with loved ones. Here’s the selection I’m sending around this year:

‘An American in Provence: Art, Life, and Photography’ by Jamie Beck

‘Marbling: Projects, Design Ideas and Techniques for a More Colorful Life’ by Zeena Shah

‘Painting Can Save Your Life: How and Why We Paint’ by Sara Woster

‘How to Live With Objects: A Guide to More Meaningful Interiors’ by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer

2. Better Blooms

GRDN, a Brooklyn flower shop, has the most lovely and sophisticated selection of flowers, and I try to stop by once a week to pick up blooms for my bouquets. Plants make perfect presents — they’re the gifts that keep on giving!

3. Special Strands

I adore my Theodosia necklaces, and people ask me about them all the time, so we decided to offer them as part of our Craft Fair! They’re such my go-to statement pieces, layering perfectly with sweaters and blouses for easy ways to feel special.

4. Good-Mood Lighting

These hand-painted candles are such a unique way to dress up a tablescape. I found them at Salter House, which always has the most tastefully-curated collection of homewares and clothing.

5. Artisanal Cashmere

My friend Alessandra Brunialti hand-dyes these stunning cashmere pieces for her line Marea Clothing, based out of East Hampton. I live in them on the weekends.

6. Art Walk

Our annual LR Art Walk, guided by Gisela Gueiros, is one of my favorite traditions, and when I booked the Chelsea gallery tour for my mom and brother last Christmas, they enjoyed it as much as I always do!

7. Lounge Wear

I’m obsessed with Kule’s sweatpants — the fabric is exactly the right weight, they’re roomy, but flattering, and nice enough to dress up for a day at the office.

8. Zozo's Ornaments

For this year’s Craft Fair, our VP of Design, Zoë, made some of her signature Zozo’s General puppies into ornaments! Can’t wait to deck my tree with these little doggies.

9. Close Knit

I try to make as many as my gifts as I can — it’s something I love to do, and handmade gifts are naturally infused with love. This year, I found some wonderful vintage patterns on Etsy that I’ll be knitting with yarn from my local shop, Argyle Yarn, in Windsor Terrace.

10. In Stitches

We’re so excited to offer bespoke, chain-stitched embroidery on our knit accessories at in-store events throughout the month of December! I love being able to add a personal touch to make our sweet checkered hats and scarves even more special.

11. Table Dressing

I’ve been in love with Carolina Irving and Daughters’s line from the first time I laid eyes on it. Designed by a mother and her two daughters, this company has so many beautiful items to choose from, ranging from dainty espresso cups to show-stopping serving bowls and platters.

12. Bed Time

The hemp sheets and duvets from Evenfall Home are pure luxury — sophisticated, cozy, gorgeous bedding.

13. Take A Seat

Such a splurge, but I’ve had my eyes on this whimsical beauty from Rachel Donath for a while.

14. Court Charm

I fell head over heels for tennis over the past couple of years, and I’d love to add this breathtaking Rondel charm to my necklace.