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Summer '22

Material Study

With custom-dyed raffia, hand-sewn beading, and luxe, sun-dried leather, favorite silhouettes from our summer collection are made even more special by the materials with which they’re crafted. Read more about the process behind these special styles below.

1. Willa

A favorite silhouette season after season, Willa is new for summer in a sweet, striped crochet. Our design team selected shades from our palette for custom-dyed raw raffia, which is soaked, dried, and finally woven by hand to match our beloved pouch silhouette.

2. Moriah

A new wrap sandal for the season, Moriah feels like summertime. The style is crafted by hand from start to finish with rope woven from 100% cotton.

3. Woven Leather Handbags

We love the timeless appeal of woven leather handbags, with favorite shapes and silhouettes made more special by the time-honored weaving process. Our factory dips the leather strips in wax before drying them in the sun, allowing the raw material to develop a patina. In turn, each bag is completed with rich texture and shade for a final product that is completely unique.

4. Doreen

Another new take on a signature shape, summer’s Doreen is crafted carefully by artisans in India who thread each bead before weaving the material together by hand.

5. Theo

Theo is an instant staple, fit on a platform footbed and available in easy-to-wear hues. For added interest, we designed the style with embroidered raffia edges, which are hand-sewn into the leather straps before the shoe is lasted.