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Catskills CerEMONY

Nathalie & Adam

Though they met in Los Angeles, when it came time to pick a place for their wedding, Nathalie and Adam returned to the Catskills, a locale with which they'd both fallen in love. Their weekend-long celebration was inevitably breathtaking, with a ceremony surrounded by lush forest greens and our pleated Dahlia as the bride's "something blue." Read on for Nathalie's story of her upstate dream day now.

"Adam and I met in LA in early 2021, but we both have long histories on the East Coast. I lived in Brooklyn for all of my twenties, and I spent summers with friends in the Catskills. I have always been in love with that part of the world, and Adam has, too, having grown up going to summer camp in the area. We can see our dream life there.

"When we toured Gather Greene, there was no question this was one of the best venues we’d seen. It has a stunning, brand-new pavilion, guest cabins on site, a clearing in the middle of the woods for the ceremony, and a big bonfire area near a pond for the after party, not to mention hundreds of acres between the Catskills and the Berkshires. It lived up to our expectations and more!"

"I’ve never been amazing at walking in heels, so when I discovered how comfortable Loeffler Randall’s styles were, I slowly accumulated several pairs. I wore gold pleats when I was my friend Melissa’s maid of honor in 2017, and I instinctively turned to the brand when it came time to choose shoes for my own wedding. I loved the idea of having shoes be my 'something blue,' and the ruffled material of the Dahlia style perfectly complemented the dress. I felt very feminine, very relaxed, and very well-cared for with the straps locked in around my heel."

"My friends challenged me to come up with three words to describe my ideal wedding look pretty early on. and I landed on 'classic,' 'princess,' and 'chic.' I think we nailed it with my Danielle Frankel dress! It fit my curvier body just right, crafted from a modern fabric and designed with a vintage, traditional shape."

"Our ceremony was magical! We spent months working with a rabbi on an interfaith celebration that reflected both of our values. We integrated several Jewish traditions, and Adam had a lot of fun writing our wedding program to describe what they all meant historically and how we were choosing to interpret them now. We chose seven women, our moms, sisters, an aunt, friends, to share blessings. My aunt and my mom chose to read theirs in Spanish, which we loved since it incorporated how I was raised — a bilingual daughter of Colombian and Mexican immigrants.

"The best part of the day was Adam’s surprise performance at the start of our reception. After we were introduced, he sang “Volvi A Nacer” by Carlos Vives to me, shocking all of our guests with the fact he learned the famous Colombian song in Spanish, and even making some of my relatives cry with the thoughtful, romantic gesture."

"I wanted the day to feel warm, vibrant, and fun, and that drove all of our decisions!"

"I wanted the day to feel warm, vibrant, and fun, and that drove all of our decisions! We put a lot, a lot of thought and care into every aspect, and it was genuinely fun to create an event that felt like us, where our friends and family would have an amazing time. There’s a reason that there’s an entire universe of movies, books, shows about wedding planning and the stresses — they are very real! My advice would be to accept that one thing might go wrong the day of and that no, you cannot predict it in advance."

"I was pretty terrified of the hora beforehand, but it might have been my favorite part! The energy was super high-octane while dancing and I had the best time once we were hoisted up there, smiling and seeing everyone go crazy. My dad also went up after us and was glowing!"