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It's A Wrap

We're so excited to share our annual gift wrap collaboration, now available exclusively on our website! This year, we partnered with Francesca de la Fuente, founder of one of our favorite ceramics brands, Pomelo Casa, to create this limited edition paper. Inspired by traditional motifs painted by artisans in her hometown in Spain, we love the organic and free shapes in three gorgeous holiday hues. Read our full interview with the Pomelo Casa founder below.

Additionally (and for the first time!) we now offer gift wrapping as an added service for orders on our site, complete with a color-coordinated bow in our favorite cotton ribbon.

1. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your brand and the beautiful designs/shapes of the pieces?

I wanted to bring the charm and tradition from my childhood growing up in Spain to my new home in Los Angeles. The designs are inspired by drawings that date back to the 16th century, but I wanted to give them new life by having them made in a variety of colors that had never been done before.

2. How has this moment in history changed your creative process or outlook?

It's really made me value time with my family, who I haven't seen for almost a year because they live in Spain. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them over the holidays and being back in the place that inspired Pomelo Casa to begin with.

3. What is one thing you do to make the holidays feel special?

We always have a tree and I love to buy a few ornaments to add to the collection each year! And cooking of course, all the traditional dishes from Spain as well as new dishes I have learned while cooking with friends at home.

4. Is there one other small brand brand or company you're excited to support this year?

My friend Hannah Ziskin is an incredible pastry chef, she just started a new business “House of Gluten” baking from home in LA - I will be buying all her Thanksgiving pies and much more!

5. What is something fun you do to stay inspired?

I love to visit museums and art shows, contemporary and traditional…seeing artists use of colour and their work in all its forms is always an inspiration

6. What is your favorite way to wrap a holiday gift? Or any tips or tricks to make a gift extra special?

Wrapping paper is such a lovely addition to a gift, my husband is so artistic he always draws on top of it…to take the design to an unexpected place by adding an illustration. I always peel the paper away with such care and then stash it in a box to re-use!

7. At LR, we love to support craft and artisans. What does ‘craft’ mean to you? How do you put your own special spin on it?

Thoughtfulness and love, crafts come from the heart and it really does show.