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One Week In Daphne

We just restocked our sold out leopard Daphne sandal for summertime. Coco Mellors, a fabulous author whose debut novel will release in 2021, wore them five ways last week.

Follow Coco at @cocomellors and be sure to check out her book next year!

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“One of my favorite authors, Edith Wharton, was once described as a woman of “great industry and luxury”, which is exactly how I feel when writing in this outfit. The Daphne sandal keeps this silk set from looking like actual sleepwear, while still staying true to the ‘lady of leisure’ vibe.”


“My favorite kinds of dresses look like they belong in the window of bakeries. This lovely ruffly number is kept from feeling too sweet by the dark leopard print of the Daphne. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to the sugar.”


“I recently moved from New York to Venice, L.A. and now everyday I see lovely surfer girls heading to the beach in their cut-offs, looking like something straight out of Blue Crush. My take is a little less insouciant—I like how the cropped jacket and pleated bow of the sandals adds some polish. (Cute fact: I wore this vintage Chanel jacket with the matching skirt when I got married!)”


“This dress makes me feel like I’m the ringleader of a magical psychedelic circus (which, now that I think about it, is kind of what being a novelist is). I love that the leopard Daphne works as a neutral when paired with such a vibrant pattern. It’s all too much or just enough, depending on your taste for excess.”


“The ease of these sandals keeps this scrumptious metallic set from feeling too dressy for daytime. I long for the days I’ll be able to wear this to a fabulous party with all my loved ones, but in the meantime I’ll just wear it around the house to confuse my husband.”

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