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Jessie Loves Summer
Each season, our founder and chief creative officer, Jessie, shares her favorite, most-awaited pieces as well as the small businesses she's loving and where she's finding inspiration. For Summer '21, she's excited about our newest batch of ready-to-wear pieces, roomy nylon carry-alls, the color green, and more.
Jessie Loves: Spring '21
Our Spring collection just arrived and our founder and Creative Director has some favorites, plus a new edit of things she's loving around the home, what's keeping her healthy during a busy month, and the things inspiring her now.
Jessie Loves: 10 Things For Fall
Here are just a few of the things our founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jessie, is loving right now.
9 Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas From Jessie
While many of us are unable to spend time with our families right now, we know a small gesture can go a long way! Here are some ideas for how to make this Mother's Day extra special.
A Q&A With Jessie
Our founder and Chief Creative Officer is currently working on future seasons from afar, taking care of her three children (Clem, Casper, and Harry) who have begun homeschooling. See below to read more about how she's trying to help, what she's reading, how she's staying creative and the things making her smile even in the toughest times.
Jessie's Loves: 15 Things for Spring
Here are some of the things I’m currently loving as we transition into Spring!